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* Modi dispensation wants it rolled out within one year of the new govt's swearing-in. Comes after armed forces held a conference to review progress of plan.

New Delhi,May 16 The Modi government has set a time frame of one year from the swearing-in of the new government next month for rolling out Theaterisation. Sources in the defence and security establishment said that the government is very clear that it wants Theaterisation rolled out and expects the armed forces to come up with a structure within the set time frame. Theaterisation will see unified or theatre commands rather than individual ones and will be the biggest military reform the country has ever seen. The plan is to set up two integrated theatre commands to take on Pakistan and China, with the first to come up opposite western borders as well as a maritime theatre command. Sources said that the government is carrying on with its businessas- usual approach and has already set its priorities for the new term. The recent enforcement of the Inter- Services Organisations (Command, Control, and Discipline) Act marks a significant milestone in India’s journey towards military modernization and optimisation of resources. This enactment underscores the Government’s commitment to advancing the Theaterisation process in the armed forces. Theaterisation, a visionary initiative aimed at integrating the capabilities of the Army, Air Force, and Navy, holds immense promise for bolstering India’s defence preparedness. Under this model, the seamless coordination and joint operation of the three services will not only enhance efficiency but also strengthen national security by effectively countering emerging threats. The passage of the Inter-Services Organisations Act during the Monsoon Session of 2023 and its subsequent enforcement exemplify the Government’s proactive approach towards reforming the defence architecture. One of the pivotal aspects of this Act is its provision to maintain the unique service conditions of individual services while ensuring effective command and control within ISOs. This balanced approach acknowledges the distinct roles and requirements of the Army, Air Force, and Navy while facilitating greater integration among them.


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