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* Thesorrystateofthepassenger shedatDograChowkhas becomeapressingissuefor commuters.
* Facilitycontinuesto crumble into disrepair, renderingit virtually useless.

POOJA THAKUR JAMMU, JAN 29 The sorry state of the passenger sheds especially at Dogra Chowk has become a pressing issue for commuters in Jammu, as these facilities setup under Smart City project continues to crumble into disrepair, rendering them virtually useless. With growing discontent among the public, concerns over the neglected infrastructure are reaching a tipping point. The neglected state of the facility has left citizens questioning the authorities responsible for its maintenance. The once passenger shed at Dogra Chowk now stands as a shadow of its former self. Lack of repair has turned the shelter into an eyesore for those relying on it for a brief respite during their commutes. Regular users of the Dogra Chowk transportation hub express frustration over the deteriorating conditions of the passenger shed. “Authorities need to carry out repair and beautify these sheds”, said Parshotam Singh, a local resident. At times, residents and daily commuters have taken to social media to voice their concerns, sharing images of the dilapidated shelters and calling on local authorities to address the issue urgently. “The outcry underscores the growing dissatisfaction with the apparent neglect of facilities crucial to the daily lives of many”, said Jagdeep Singh. Despite the public outcry, local authorities have yet to release a statement regarding the deteriorating state of passenger sheds. The silence from officials has only fueled the frustration of citizens seeking answers and immediate action. Local community leaders, responding to the concerns raised by their constituents, are demanding accountability from the responsible authorities. They emphasize the need for swift action to renovate and revive the passenger shed, emphasizing the importance of public infrastructure in fostering a comfortable and safe environment for commuters.


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