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FACE TO FACE WITH DIG JKS RANGE / Install CCTVs at public , pvt places, to help us in any untoward incident: Sujit Kumar Singh

Here are some excerpts of his interaction with Vijay Gupta VG: Amarnath Yatra is going to start and pilgrims from across the globe will arrive, what kind of service you are going to provide them? SKS: This year Yatra will be from 1st June to 15th August. In between these 45 days lakhs of devotees come to perform ‘darshan’. This time we have two new updates, one is Quick Response Team (QRT) with bullet proof Scorpios on national highway. Secondly, we have directed all the Langar committees to install CCTVs so that in case of any threat quick action can be taken. Adequate lightening around the peripheries of the camp would also be done for clear visibility even during night hours. VG: Do you have proper arrangements of food and shelter for pilgrims if the road gets blocked due to landslide or other reasons? SKS: In the last meeting we had discussed regarding the food and shelter arrangements for the devotees. We have are arranged adequate number of places like temples and other accommodations to accommodate pilgrims. We have also made arrangement for their food as well. VG: What are the traffic arrangements for those travelling with private vehicles? SKS: We had a meeting with IG Traffic and Div Com for this purpose and decided to put a check at Lakhanpur, Jammu and Udhampur to ensure their halt at authorized stations for pilgrims. Moreover, no vehicle with yatris would be allowed from Udhampur after the cut off time of the yatra. VG: What steps you are taking against drug abuse which is emerging threat to youths? SKS: Me and my team are working on it and we are working on the menace of eve teasing also. We raised funds for opening Drug Rehab Centers, we also appointed doctors and staff for these centres as our priority is to bring those addicted out of this mess with outmost care and love. Moreover, so many peddlers are being arrested everyday but still we are working to reach suppliers or those sending this dreaded drug to the State. VG: As we know the drug is being smuggled from Kashmir and Punjab to Jammu. What action you have taken against this? SKS: We are working this on balanced manner. There are three level on which we are working, first one is micro level, second is middle level, and third is higher level. The kiosks which are selling cigarette, tobacco also sell drugs illegally in small packets there are so many people which sell drug like this are on micro level. From where they got this drug are on middle level and one who is the main smuggler of a particular state is on higher level. We have identified and arrested so many kingpins. We are working on this from very beginning. VG: Do girls are safe in our country? SKS: Eve teasing is a major problem as government is taking necessary steps against it. After so many cases in metro cities government has brought amendment in the laws and stringent punishment has been put in place for such crimes. In Sumbal case, the accused was arrested with earliest possible time and under relevant Sections he will be punished. PCR vans move in Jammu district for patrolling. We are also planning to revive ‘Anti Gunda Squads’ so the cases of eve teasing, harassment to girls; acid attack etc would be minimized to the best possible number. VG: Do you think that police stations should be equipped with modern technology? SKS: I do think that police stations should be equipped with new technology. People should not afraid from us rather they should feel safe and secure when they meet a cop or visit a police station. Proper facility should be provided to the citizens. CCTVs should be installed in all the police stations so that the behavior of those manning police stations is recorded. I want to propose these kinds of things to the senior authorities.

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