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Face to Face with Shah Feasal / We lack fresh minds in politics, my party will be voice of people: Shah Faesal

* Joined Civil Services to solve problems of people.
* Given Golden 10 years in IAS.
* I want to clean dirty politics.
* No link between Jammu-Doda, Jammu- Kashmir takes 12 hrs, Laddakh dis connected for 6 months, no one till date solved these issues.
* We have 1 lakh crore budget every year, but no work visible.
* Over whelming response from Kashmir, Jammu.
* People fed up of hatred.
* No work done for youth.
* We should ask our leaders where funding goes.
Formation of my own party is a new political experiment where we talk about giving justice to the people of all the regions without any consideration for the region, colour, creed and caste.
This was stated by former IAS officer and founder of Jammu and Kashmir Peoples' Movement (JKPM) Shah Faesal, who was interacting with Young Bites.
Vijay Gupta
VG: Why did you leave a dream job and joined politics?
SF: To serve the people of the Jammu and Kashmir was my motive when I was in the job and now when I have formed a political party, my motive is still the same. I thought, there is a need to bring some change in the state, which is struggling badly due to leaders, who never bothered about the sentiments of the people and always used them to get political mileage.
There is a political crisis in the state and to bring the normalcy back in this state, to join the politics was the only option and I choose it.
VG: What are the main issues according to you in this state?
SF: The state is undergoing a political crisis, as there are lot of problems, which the people of this state face. There is always a political failure and leader always enjoy the power but they never bother to give anything to the people on the ground level. People in this state are used only to get the votes, in turn the leaders fail to fulfil their grievances.
VG: What is the response from the people for your party in Jammu and Kashmir?
SF: We are very surprised as we are getting overwhelming response from the people in the valley as well in the Jammu region. After getting such a huge response, we can say that my outfit would be the biggest platform for the youth.
We talked to the people of Kashmir and told them that we have come here with a message of brotherhood, collectivity and to meet future and present leadership. It is a new political experiment where we talk about giving justice to the people of all the regions without any consideration for the region, colour, creed and caste.
It is good that young people are linking us, but we need experienced persons as well.
The JKPM will be a big platform for the youth but we need experienced hands because this is a challenging state. We will welcome the people who have unblemished record.
VG: Why you decided not to contest in Lok Sabha elections?
SF: We are not politically hungry people, I have joined the politics only to serve the people, we want to create a peaceful political scenario in the state and are trying hard that more and more people join us to prepare a platform, where we can raise our voice and also hope that our voice should be listened properly.
We are awaring the people about our party’s manifesto and questioned the "failure" of previous governments to develop industrial sector and bring investment, lack of state of art health institutions at district level, good roads in hilly areas.
Jammu is a peaceful region and one fails to understand why it was not developed as an industrial hub of the state. Our youth are forced to go outside to look for jobs and we are able to bring in investment, there is no need for the youth to go outside.
We would also like to set up planning board to ensure development of underdeveloped areas on a fast track basis with no interference from the political establishment and reorganising of recruitment agencies to ensure transparency.
We have to understand the people, talk to them and work to bridge the gap and maintain unity as we all are brothers. The corruption is a "serious issue" and transparency and good governance can address the problem.
VG: Drugs are becoming menace among our youth, what you say?
SF: There is no second thought that the drug has become a menace and spreading rapidly among the youth of our state and others.
The main reason behind the increasing cases of drugs abuse among the youth is that they are not getting enough opportunities to display their talent and use their energy in the proper way and leaving none other option they are attracting towards the drugs.

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