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Face to Face with Speaker: pART II Govt committed to beautify all rotaries, already working over this project: Kavinder

Continuing our
bi-weekly feature, face to face, we are here today again with the Speaker Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly, Kavinder Gupta, who shared some more aspects of development activities in Jammu, especially his own constituency.
Vijay Gupta
VG: The condition of some big and main rotaries is in very dilapidated condition, why?
KG: It is true that the condition of some and big rotaries are in very dilapidated condition and the reason behind their worst condition is that these rotaries were made in unplanned manner and none of the department was hold responsible to maintain their beauty. As the result they are in shambles but our government is committed to maintain their beauty and in this regard some rotaries were handed over the private firms and they are maintain their beauty well. Meanwhile, to make some more rotaries more beautiful, we have a big plan and will install the status of Banda Sing Bahadur at the Kunjwani Chownk, while a big gate of Maharaj Gulab Singh shall be also constructed at the entrance of our Jammu city.
This is not only the responsibility of government to maintain the beauty of these rotaries; we are also calling various NGO to adopt these rotaries, so that more other rotaries should be well maintained.
VG: Despite of the festive season, the government failed to organize any event to revive the fading glory of our culture, why?
KG: It is right that the festive season is on its peak in Jammu, and we have organized many events to boost up the tourism. It was the duty of tourism department to organize such events and they done it well. But this is right that they failed to organize any event for the promotion of our traditional culture, which is fading these days. I will ask them to hold such more events so that we can revive our fading culture. Such events are very important not only for us but also for our future generations, who have negligible knowledge about their culture in the digital life.
VG: Gandhi Nagar is a shopping hub, but still the people are struggling badly due to the scarcity of parking in the area, is there any plan to solve this issue?
KG: It is true that the Gandhi Nagar area is the shopping hub and large number of people from various parts of the city used to visit here for shopping, but we have adequate space for them to park their vehicles. But if still the people are facing any problem then as per your suggestion, we can provide them some space in the Dusshera Ground, so that the people should be avoid to face long jams especially in the festive season. Meanwhile, to provide the people of Jammu a big relief we are going to start the work of Smart city as well as the metro, as the survey for both these projects are in the final stage and we are hopeful that the construction work over these two projects should be started soon.

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