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Face to Face with Retd Brig Harcharan Singh / Rajya Sainik Board is working well with support of all: Retd Brig Harcharan Singh

With the support of all, we are fully implementing all the schemes announced by the state as well as the centre government for the martyr’s families, widows and ex-servicemen in J&K.
This was stated by the Director, Rajya Sainik Board, Retd Brig Harcharan Singh (VSM) during an exclusive interaction.
Here are the excerpts of his interaction.
Vijay Gupta
VG: Rajya Sainik Board is an important organization of our society, what are its main functions?
HS: It is very right that the Rajya Saink Board is an important part of our society and we are trying well to work for the welfare by implementing all the schemes announced by the state as well as the centre government for the welfare of the families of martyr’s, widows and the ex-servicemen. As being the head of this organization, it is my duty to work for their better life.
This organization is working under the President ship of Governor, who is the President of this organization, while the present Army Commander is the Vice-President of this organization and a retired Brigadier is the Director, who along with the other members works for the welfare of the families of ex-army officers and the jawans.
VG: Despite working well for the welfare of martyr’s families, the amount of ex-gratia is not enough, what you think?
HS: Both the state as well as the centre governments are working well for the upliftment and the welfare of the martyrs families. The state government is providing Rs 5 Lakh Ex-gratia to the martyrs, while the centre government is providing Rs 35 lakh to the families of martyrs.
They are really very concerned about the family members of the martyrs.
Meanwhile, there are many other schemes for the welfare of the kids of martyrs, so that they can also get their studies as compared to the kids of the other people and ex-army jawans and perform better in their life ahead.
VG: Despite sacrificing lives for the society and the country, families of martyrs, are facing discrimination, why?
HS: Yes, sometimes there are complaints regarding the discrimination with the families of the martyrs, while they sacrificed their lives for the nation and the people. This thing is very bad. To end such discrimination with those families, we time to time organize awareness drives, in which we hold interactions with the members of martyr’s families with the general people.
We also aware the general public about the importance and the role of army in their life as without the army, their lives cannot become safe.
VG: What is the exact number of martyr’s families in our state?
HS: As per our records there are around 700 families of martyrs and in addition to this there are families of gallantry jawans. This is also a good thing that this number is so high as compared to the national level average.
VG: There are some cases of adoption of war widows, is this true?
HS: Yes, this is true that some organizations are very interested and keen to support the war widows.
There are some clubs, which are being run by the ladies, who sometimes contact us to adopt and support the war widows, for their better life in the future.
To encourage them, we always organize awareness drive, while it is also the moral duty of the people to support the war widows as they are also a part of our society.
This was all that the Director, Rajya Sainik Board, Harcharan Singh has to say about himself as being the head of this organization.

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