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FACE TO FACE WITH KAVINDER GUPTA / Old Jammu to be developed as heritage city: Deputy CM Kavinder Gupta

The Jammu and Kashmir government is working on a plan to develop old Jammu
as heritage city.
This was stated by the
Deputy Chief Minister
Kavinder Gupta, during his exclusive interaction with
the Young Bites.
Here are the excerpts.
Vijay Gupta
Jammu, June 10
VG: To develop the Jammu city as a heritage city is long pending demand of the people, when their demand is going to be fulfilled?
KG: It is true that to develop the Jammu city as a heritage city is an old pending demand of the people, I am fully agreed with their demand as the Jammu is known as the city of temples and it is also the necessity to develop our city as an heritage one.
In this regard, we are going through a string of projects for traffic decongestion, sanitation and cleanliness the old city area which will also held us to develop Jammu into a heritage site.
VG: Jammu as a modern city, what is the progress to make this city a modern one?
KG: The government is trying its best to make the Jammu a modern city. This is also true that Jammu has a legacy of splendid political, social and economic history and the present government is endeavoring to elevate its stature to the deserving level. This is being done through showcasing rich heritage and at the same time developing it as a modern city.
Meanwhile to pace up the progress in this regard, numerous upcoming and completed multi-storey parking projects around historical old city are path-breaking steps towards restoring its pristine glory.
VG: Beautification and the development of Rahunath Bazar is a necessity, what you say?
KG: I fully agreed that the beautification and the development of Raghunath Bazar is a necessity. In this regard many steps have been taken and some more should be taken in the future. There are many proposals with us, which includes remodeling of bunkers, locker facility within the temple complex to facilitate safety of valuables of tourists, CCTV surveillance in the area and creation of plaza in front of the temple for yatris. We are have proposed about mobile cleaning machines for pathway, big LED screen to display information for yatries, arched gates, clock tower at city chowk and ducketing of wires to give a clear skyline. I have directed the officers concerned to take immediate action for completing these works within shortest time period. Inter-connecting the various roads are the key to development and government is committed to develop widely spread connectivity network in the state.

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