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VIJAY GARG The light of books does not quench human courage and fortitude. They keep the person frolicking in front of them. It is the miracle of books that by reading books one becomes a beautiful and sensible person. Along with intellectual knowledge, books enrich human life. Bringing together the broken paths of life, giving wings of hope to the realm of despair, illuminating the dark corners, painting sadness in the rising art, holding the flag of victory in the hands of defeat and connecting the paths with the destinations. Giving is the religion of constructive and excellent books. They also become our true friends and give us the right advice. The late President of India Dr. As APJ Abdul Kalam puts it, "A good book is like a hundred friends." Books as a whole are a written source of knowledge and information for us. Books that transform many of the mysteries of the human psyche also come in many forms. Literary scholars, intellectuals and historians from all over the world have filled the books with unparalleled knowledge of almost every subject. Numerous books have been published on historical, mythological, religious, social, political, literary, cultural, scientific, botanical, technological, mathematical, employment, academic and many other subjects. Every book satisfies our hunger for knowledge according to our needs and interests. According to an English scholar, books also have their own types. Some books are just for taste, some for swallowing, and some for slow chewing. That means we read some books in fragments, some with food and some with full interest. These books become our mature friends and support us throughout our lives. Academic and literary books Students are exposed to academic and literary books from an early age. From schooling to higher education, students have to read the textbooks of the prescribed syllabus, which helps them to pass the exams with good marks which are also the basis of our employment. Certificates of merit in their studies come into their hands. Literary books are a reflection of society, in which the multifaceted shadows of the human mind are automatically reflected. Knowledge of literary books not only guides a person in the right way of life but also helps in his spiritual development. True friend Books are man's mature and true friend. People in social relationships often leave us in times of trouble, but constructive and excellent books are always with you. The experiences gained from these and the points of life become our encouragement and our sympathy. Considering books to be man's best friend, English scholar Robert Southey writes, "Books are my best friends, always giving me a sense of support in pain and comfort in pain." We take care, even if someone comes to ask, we are reluctant to give. The right choice It is important to choose the right books. The choice of books also varies according to the interests and hobbies of children and the elderly. Children should be provided with colorful and life-saving books. Give preference to books that lull their children's minds into reading children's literature. Older people can choose books of different genres of literature according to their interest. Good books should be read again and again because by reading books, the adage 'Your mind is good and Ganga in Kuthali' comes true. Books that create high-quality ideas should never be lost. Stairs to success Books are not only a treasure of knowledge for human beings but with the good use of this knowledge new doors of success are opened. Reading a standard book gives us the courage to set high standards. We aspire to be high ideals by being influenced by a hero or personality. We also learn how to rise and fall and win. We succeed in reaching our destination step by step by adopting an optimistic attitude. Make a home decoration We spend millions of dollars building our own luxurious homes. Create designs in a variety of colors. We also use chairs, sofas, cupboards, beautiful linen, modern kitchens and communication facilities but forget to keep a small space for home library. According to the Roman scholar Cicero, "a room without books is like a body without a soul." Would give Books must be used as home decoration to develop reading habits in children and make them mature, otherwise the modern mobile network will swallow the tender feelings inside them. Precious treasure of knowledge Books are said to be a precious treasure of knowledge. There is a bottomless ocean of knowledge in the books, which we can get precious gems in the form of knowledge by rubbing it with our Jagyasa Madhani. Readers find themselves floating in a sea of words as they read books loaded with beautiful flavors. The French philosopher Voltaire states that books are worth more than gems because gems reflect the outward beauty or beauty, whereas books illuminate our inner world. Intellectual development of students Books are a boon for students' sharp intellect. Books not only develop our reading habits but also our intellect. Book communication in our brain's backyard to understand topics, ideas, events sharpens our intellect. Reading more and more books increases our vocabulary and enriches our spoken and written vocabulary. This vocabulary helps to hone students' writing ability. In today's fast paced and dazzling life man is very much entangled. On small occasions, weddings, birthdays and other special occasions, we show our wealth and present valuable market gifts to the people. After a while, they break down or become unusable over time. So on these occasions we should give a good book as a gift, which people will read and take care of. While honoring school children, we should also give them guidance books, a good children's literature book with beautiful illustrations on their birthdays.


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