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New Delhi,Jan 09 The United States is focusing its efforts on developing high-power microwave weapons [HPM] at the Naval Surface Warfare Centre Dahlgren Division [NSWCDD] in Dahlgren, Virginia, learned BulgarianMilitary. com, citing a press release from the NSWCDD. To this end, NSWCDD has decided to split the current Integrated Engagement Systems Department, which studies directed energy [DE includes high-energy lasers and high-power microwaves], into two, with developments in high-power microwave weapons becoming a separate structure. Although so far the development of high-energy laser and high-power microwaves have worked together, the NSWCDD acknowledges that highpower microwave weapons can do more damage to an enemy target. According to NSWCDD HPM Weapon Systems Division Head Kevin Cogley, HPM can cause a variety of effects and damage – from silencing enemy systems to their destruction, through the physical destruction of their electronic systems. “HPM is very different than many other weapon systems because in many cases you may not see any outward physical effects during an engagement but will see nearly-instant results on the target’s operational performance. Using HPM, we can give our Sailors a capability that could be a desirable alternative to firing a kinetic weapon,” says Kevin Cogley. Kevin Cogley believes that, unlike the standard weapons systems that the US Navy is equipped with, the development, use, and maintenance of HPM will be many times cheaper than them. Mostly because the HPM will need energy to “shoot” without considering the “amount of ammunition”, as with other weapon systems. Ie the “charger” of the HPM is always full when there is energy to power it. HPM will be able to deal with any threat that uses an electrical system. This includes various types of drones, small and mediumsized boats, even missiles. The principle of operation differs from laser systems. HPM uses microwave bursts. One of the biggest advantages of the system is that its action goes unnoticed, ie. when the enemy’s weapons system is destroyed, it is not clear exactly how it happened. HPM carries the label “game-changing weapon”, which gives soldiers a unique opportunity to complete their mission. As asymmetric threats continue to pose threats to high-value military assets, these weapons could soon provide the Navy with an extra layer of defence if its research and development efforts pan out.


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