A better outlook towards life is essential for joy

YB WEB DESK. Dated: 9/14/2021 2:44:01 PM

A significant portion of the human population fears the threat of extinction. This fear has continued to thrive within the people since the beginning of this awful pandemic. It may have been a cause of the diligence and ignorance of a single nation, yet entire humanity continues to suffer because of it. However, avoiding any responsibility for it in any way possible, has been the firm stance by the Asian giant. Horrifying memories, terrible conditions, spiralling down economies and loss of countless innocent lives, all of this claimed by an infection caused by a virus hardly visible under a simple microscope. With every negative point, there lies a positive aspect to it. To every down, there is an up to it. To everything corrupt in this world, there lies something good to counter it. One of the three universal laws of Physics derived by Sir Isaac Newton says, “To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction,” and the ongoing global scenario is not any different to it. With the sufferings and horrible instances throughout these months, humans have also witnessed exceptional feats of achievements. Ranging from rapid new developments in technologies to rapidly recovering economies at an unprecedented rate, a human being achieving the seemingly unearthly feat of being in space and reaching the deepest point on Earth was another remarkable achievement by Kathy Sullivan. Developments have been considerably unique throughout these times, with people reaching beyond their community, caste, creed and gender to provide a helping hand to others, nations supporting other nations. Undoubtedly! a few conflicts or stressful warlike situations and even smallscale engagements were, and are evident in some regions as of recent, we should attempt to focus on the positive aspects to this picture at least while neglecting such instances which are unfortunately doomed to occur. Focusing towards a better tomorrow is what we should aim towards, with a more cumulative society welcoming everyone with open hands, respecting others and their beliefs, staying humble to all and defying the opponent by being the better human. Sure, these traits are showcased by a select few individuals only, but they have the power to change the world around them. Great leaders are born like regular people, but it is these qualities that set them apart from the crowd, developing the capability to lead the same crowd along with them. Walking your way out of the mob, taking bold individual decisions after thinking it over, is what helps one to stand for the cause, looking towards a brighter future with celebrated achievements to transcend.


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