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T K NANDANAN Militancy reared its ugly head again in Kashmir in the Khanyar area of central Srinagar on Sunday afternoon, when a police sub-inspector was shot dead by suspected militants. The police party on duty were patrolling the area when the gunmen-possibly two in number-emerged out of a dark alley and fired upon. Talking to reporters at the wreath-laying ceremony of the slain police official, J&K DGP,Dilbag Singh, said all the previous modules of militants involved in pistol shooting were wiped out, and it seemed a new group has been formed. It is afraid that with the installation of Taliban government in Afghanistan, the terrorists all over the world have received a shot in their arms for their ongoing disruptive agenda and the threat to India from the terror groups from Afghanistan-Pakistan region like the Haqqani Network and Islamic State Khorasan Province is real and imminent. So, India must be very cautious and precautionary measures must be taken to insulate the country from such possible threats. However, even with the Taliban takeover, blast and bloodshed continued to greet the Taliban administration. Can Taliban government put an end to this kind of heinous act of killing people? Or will they continue to follow the same path of violence and destruction? Afghanistan is made up of rugged mountainous terrain with deep valleys and majestic mountains and is always an ideal breeding ground for terrorism as the geographical features definitely favor it. The arid and inaccessible terrains of this country offer a great feeling of security for upstarts of terrorism and it has been the best hideout of deadly terrorists and fugitives. First of all, the government must take up measures to turn these places to either tourist place by providing basic infrastructural facilities or construct nuclear power plants with the support of foreign countries. Taliban is over the moon after the formal US withdrawal from Afghanistan is complete nowand the Taliban administration, having humbled the world’s most powerful military, now face the challenge of governing a nation of 38 million people that relies heavily on international aid and imposing some form of Islamic rule on a population that is far more educated and cosmopolitan than it was when the group last governed Afghanistan in the late 1990s. Needlessly, like a tree, Taliban had been watered and nurtured by Pakistan. It had been fed with all that it needed to reach this enormous size. As a quid pro quo, will Taliban help Pakistan to escalate Kashmir issue? Will the Taliban meddle in the Kashmir issue directly once the Afghan political conundrum is settled down? India has to cautiously watch the developments in Afghanistan and take all that is necessary to keep India’s interest protected. If the people of J&K unite wholeheartedly and work for it with government support, they can simply root out this menace from their land.


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