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The world has witnessed a mayhem of chaos with the onslaught of COVID-19 since almost the last two years, and things do not look to fall back in place even after such a long time. Economies crashed, GDPs collapsed, revenues declined, businesses shut, jobs cut, and countless innocent lives were lost, all of it due to the due diligence of a single nation failing to take accountability for the mess it created globally. Despite the innumerable efforts by the general public and the various government organisations, this vicious pandemic seems nowhere close to an end as the vicious cycle of newer ending variants and subsequent waves seems virtually neverending. It has thrown light on the potentially dark times, which might follow up, as a repercussion of the ongoing. However, it is critical to keep an optimistic view as these bad times will also pass one day or the other. The restrictions posed as a result of SOPs and other protocols concerning the pandemic have led to suppressed desires in the general public. Socialisation with friends and family feels like a dream, hasslefree travel is now a thing of the past, restrictions and lockdowns have posed a major barrier, leading to suppression of such desires, which may even cause various mental and physical problems. Although the constant threat of catching the COVID infection may have been significantly reduced by the vaccine, it will take a considerable amount of time to vaccinate the required amount of the global population to attain herd immunity, which is essential to end this pandemic. Until then, it is critical for everyone to sustain a healthy lifestyle while following all the required protocols. All of these developments should have apparently forced people into their homes with a lack of social contact. However, the situation onground stands in stark contrast with this as various countries across the globe have witnessed a surge in economic and social activities with a total disregard for norms like social distancing and wearing a face mask. This development has led many experts to fear a potential wave of yet another mutated variant, which can be the alarming cause for more trouble on a global scale. It is befitting for us to take all the precautionary measures until we reach the stage of herd immunity, at least at a national scale, if not a global one.


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