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Barot House

Barot House is a 2019 Bollywood suspensethriller- drama film about an upper middle-class Indian family caught in the whirlwind of murder and crime. The film was released through Zee5 on 7 August 2019. Plot Amit Barot, the patriarch of the Barot House lives in a serene neighbourhood in Daman with his family comprising his wife, mother, and 4 children- a son and 3 daughters (and the fifth on the way!) All is going fine, when suddenly, on Diwali, one of the daughters - Shreya - goes missing while playing hide and seek. After one day, her body is found at a graveyard. Soon after, the family and its neighbours get plagued with more ill-fate as multiple killings start taking place in and around the Barot House. Things get complicated because everyone is a suspect. No-one can tell the guilty from the innocent. Trapped in the middle of thinking bloodfest, Amit and Bhavana's relationship gets strained. Amit's equation with his son Malhar takes a drastic turn. Amit changes from a loving parent to a violent one, often suspecting his 9 year old son to be the culprit behind all the killings, and makes a few failed attempt to kill the boy as punishment.


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