J&K Government places DDC chairpersons equivalent to Mayors

YB WEB DESK. Dated: 4/7/2021 11:14:38 AM

Jammu, Apr 6 The Jammu and Kashmir government on Tuesday amended its warrant of precedence, placing the chairpersons of district development council equivalent to that of mayors within their respective territorial jurisdictions. In an order, the government placed the DDC chairpersons equivalent to mayors at serial number 19A in the amended warrant of precedence. “In supersession of all previous orders issued on the subject, it is hereby ordered that the Warrant of Precedence forming Annexure to this Government Order shall be observed at all ceremonial functions/occasions of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir,” the order states. As per the order, DDC vice-chairpersons have been placed at serial number 26 and have been placed equivalent to all Administrative Secretaries, Divisional Commissioners, IGPs, Chief Conservator of Forests, Joint Secretaries to the Government of India and officers of equivalent rank and officers of the rank of Major General or equivalent rank within their respective jurisdictions As per the order DDC members have been placed at serial number 28 and equivalent to District Magistrates, officers of the rank of Brigadiers and equivalent, major heads of department, conservator of forests and district & session Judges. Chairpersons of Block Development Councils, Presidents of Municipal Councils and Municipalities have also been placed at serial number 28 in the warrant of precedence “The order in this Table of Precedence is meant purely for Govt. and Ceremonial occasions. Persons in the Table of Precedence will take rank in order of the number of the articles. The entries in the same article are arranged alphabetically. Those included in the same article will take precedence inter se according to date of entry into-that article,” reads the order.


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