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After the rapid spread of COVID-19 throughout the world, shaping itself as a pandemic accounting for the loss of more than 2.8 million lives, the World Health Organisation has finally established a report on the issue persistently failing to acknowledge China’s responsibility for the initial phase of it’s spread and origin. Recently after a team of 17 members from WHO visited China for an investigation into the matter, seemingly attempting to decode the origin of the Coronavirus, it failed to conclude on anything substantial while almost neglecting the theory of the virus leak from any of China’s virology labs. On an obvious note, such a conclusion wouldn’t be acceptable enough to acknowledge the least as it stands baseless given the lack of transparency and limited access granted to the investigating team in China. As expected, this didn’t affect the Communist regime’s stance upon the matter for at the very least, as Xi’s regime has been blatantly backing up the prospects of WHO’s report, almost rejecting the lab leak theory altogether. It is highly unlikely that there would be any shift in this stance or that China would allow any further access to its virology labs for any of the newer teams despite the sheer global pressure over the same. After the concern expressed by 14 nations over the incomplete and sceptical conclusion by the WHO report on the COVID pandemic, India’s support for the same may have agitated the Chinese side. Considering this as a concern that lacks the due interrogation from the global lens, India’s support is inevitable as its economy was drastically affected due to this pandemic with widely acclaimed origins from China’s Wuhan, although China has tried a thousand times to ignore it. Xi’s regime has recklessly attempted its best to bury the matter of COVID as if it had no relation with China’s irresponsible behaviour or its involvement in the massive scandal amongst the top administration of WHO. It was duly recognised by only the former US president Trump. Biden has stayed somewhat silent on this situation as he enjoys much closer relations with the Chinese counterparts. His softness towards China was much evident from the past few months itself.


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