Forget dream of restoration of 370 in J&K: Chandel

YB WEB DESK. Dated: 4/6/2021 11:15:47 AM

Y B News Jammu, Apr 05 Hinduist leader Raju Chandel said that after the Jammu and Kashmir assembly elections in future, Jammu and Kashmir will also function like other states. He said Article 370 and 35A are buried in the pages of history, its hope is good to leave the fanatics of Jammu and Kashmir, then it was good that it was a nightmare. Commenting on yesterday's statement is the Saudi Arabian government about the people of Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan has asked the Kashmiri people to support Modi ji's policies, only then Jammu and Kashmir will be able to develop, Modi government is doing excellent work for Jammu and Kashmir, Chandel said that today when the most powerful Muslim country like Saudi Arabia, the policies of Modi. If he is interested in the work, then what is the radish of Pakistan, it should also be accepted. Kashmir and Pakistan occupied Kashmir and the land there is part of India and will remain part of India. His spouses in Pakistan should understand that he is a world fraternity. Has been isolated from her neighbors along with her Should stay with Jeljol, stop seeing the dream of Kashmir otherwise it can be read as many other divisions of Pakistan like Bangladesh. Chandel said that Pakistan is a terrorist nation. The whole world has come to know that Pakistan has to worry about its movement. Should stop getting entangled with India and as Saudi Arabia says its size, it should be accepted that the dream of Kashmir in Pakistan should stop watching the orders of Pakistan Chandel said that India's policy has always been liberal with its neighbors. India's wife does not and has not done the work of grabbing the land of her neighbors, but in Pakistan, China has always been keeping a dirty eye on the land of its neighbors. Are and keep grabbing their land, China should improve now in Pakistan, otherwise today India has become so powerful that if both these countries fight together with India, then Pakistan will be the biggest loser in China, Pakistan will be with India in China. Mutual brotherhood should be maintained in that society, in that the growth and development of the three countries is possible.


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