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Don’t hesitate in speaking Dogri: Anjusha

ANJUSHA SHARMA, RENOWNED SINGER DURING AN INTERACTION WITH YOUNG BITES. POOJA THAKUR/ SHUBHAM GUPTA Jammu, Apr 4 Q. How did you feel after winning Devotional Song competition? AS: I was just starting my career when I participated in the devotional song competition at Katra and won first prize. It was an amazing experience of my life that changed everything. Infact, from this point my singing career started. It was the first competition that I won so it was a marvelous time for me and my family. My parents were so proud of me and they supported me a lot. Q. Tell us something about your journey? AS: I am so passionate about singing and after winning a devotional song competition my parents have supported me to contest a national level singing competition. My journey as singer started from that point. I met judges and other singers; it was again a great experience. You adapt and learn new things. Being social with others is always helpful if you want to learn new things. Q. How difficult and important is learning classical music? AS: It depends on the child’s passion. Classical music comes from inside. Nowadays, most of the singers are using auto tune, whereas, some have a good voice. But in the end, it is important how much you know music? So, for that, you have to learn to pursue music as a career. Q. What is your message? AS: Let your kids follow their passion. The world has changed and as a society, it is our responsibility to change the mindset of others. I want to add that don’t feel awkward in speaking Dogri language. Do teach Dogri language to your kids, only in this way we can save the legacy of our Dogra’s culture. Knowing multiple languages is good, but do use Dogri as much as possible.


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