Remove illegal possessions from Nagrota bypass NH-44

YB WEB DESK. Dated: 4/5/2021 11:39:17 AM

VIJAY GUPTA Jammu, Apr 4 The administration has taken an appreciable step by ordering closure of all hotels and restaurants from Sidhra bypass on National Highway (NH-44) after it was established that they have constructed it on government land and even some of them were involved in illegal activities including sale of drugs. These restaurants were even not having parking slots and were creating nuisance for the commuters and was an obstacle in the smooth flow of traffic on NH-44. Since the closure of these restaurants the traffic movement on this bypass is very smooth. Now, the epicenter of such illegal activities and traffic nuisance has shifted from Sidhra to Nagrota bypass. Scores of food points, eateries and restaurants are flourishing on this stretch of NH-44. The government must check out the legality of these food points, eateries and restaurants. Those having licences and are on legal land must be allowed to function, while as, those operating on government land must be forced to shut down as it has been done in the case of Sidhra. As per reports many people have encroached upon the government or forest land and with the help of revenue authorities have succeeded in obtaining no objection certificates. Not only this, sources said that some have even succeeded in getting this forest and government land registered in their name with the connivance of revenue officials. The veracity of their revenue papers must be checked and after proper investigation and verification be allowed to function. Till then government must ask them to shut down. The administration has allowed some hotels and restaurants on Sidhra road to function after it was found that they are established on their own land having adequate parking spaces. Moreover, police must keep a vigil on hotels on isolated places so that they may not indulge in illegal activities.


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