YB WEB DESK. Dated: 4/5/2021 11:29:00 AM

T K NANDANAN Maoism has once again reared its ugly head disproving the claims that Maoists have become disenchanted with its decadent ideologies. In a three-hour fierce gun battle on Saturday, Naxalites killed five security personnel and 12 others injured in Chhattisgarh. In the retaliatory process, a woman Maoist was gunned down in addition to the huge loss inflicted on them. The encounter took place near Jonagunda village situated along the Sukma-Bijapur border when a joint team of security forces were out on a counter insurgency operation. It is pertinent to note that Maoists, an insurgent group of people following the thought, ideology and beliefs of Mao Zedong and wishing to establish a utopian equalitarian society, are present in certain places of our country. The Maoists in the country are giving sleepless nights to those in power as they always believe in unleashing a reign of terror. Their mantra is nothing but violence or annihilation. The gullible youths in the most backward areas of our country are Maoists’ target as they are the suckers with Maoist’s leaders giving a heavy dose of brainwashing to them. Their ideologies are the best baits for the youths. The economic disparity and the convergence of wealth at the hands of a few are plausible explanation and the youths get swayed by these superficially glittering ideologies. Then, they jump on the Maoist bandwagon oblivious of its repercussion in future. The rationale behind the growth of Maoists in certain areas is the economic backwardness and resultant poverty. The best way of fighting the Maoists is to implement economic reforms in these areas. A spurt of economic activities in the Maoist pockets will certainly wean off the potential youths from the clutches of Maoism. Government need not do anything but implement a host of economic measures to boost the income of the people in these areas including providing employments to the youths. By doing so, the government can wipe out the menace of Maoism completely without shedding a drop of blood. Maoist ideology is very aggressive when compared to the Marxist-Leninist and in the recent past we have seen so many brutal murders of innocent police officers and political leaders in the country.In violence, there is only unreasonable hatred that rages on unbridled, which ultimately leads to destruction. On the other hand, in abiding peace, everything will be constructive. It builds everything and ultimately leads to real human progress and in this progress, there is everything in abundance. In such condition, everyone will realize how important life is, and everyone will start enjoying life while loving others. When one starts loving others, he will enjoy life by helping others, and thus he will come to know the crux of life’s purpose. But the million-dollar question is why the Maoist leaders have found the remotest and under developed areas so ideal for their growth? The answer is so simple. The tribal or gullible people always remain marginalized. Successive governments have miserably failed to deliver justice to them. They remain as poor as ever. The Maoists capitalize this situation and the tribal or gullible youths often fall prey to their decadent ideologies. So, naxalism can simply be eliminated if the government starts implementing programs and schemes to eradicate poverty and unemployment among the people especially among the weakest section of the society.


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