Screen addiction; one of the cons of technology

YB WEB DESK. Dated: 2/23/2021 11:51:17 AM

Our world has made significant developments concerning science and technology in a ridiculously short span of time. We have managed to achieve a lot in this field considering the recent developments of the past few decades itself. Shifting from two to three feet thick blocks of screens to a mere few inches thin, huge flat screens in a matter of ten to fifteen years, and many other yet similar transition just examples along with the same list. Smartphones are also a by-product of this tech revolution lately. The recent evolution in technologies and its integration into the various fields have led to a major improvement in the daily lives of people and significant betterment in ease of living. Smartphones have played a vital role in this field as well. Having benefitted from smartphones which have emerged as our daily drivers, there comes a downturn to the same. A negative, yet a common habit of the current society is addiction relating to a broad range and varieties of things. Though this time around we should also attempt to highlight the addiction caused by our smartphones and screens, besides the substance abuse related concerns which are a legitimately genuine problem for the society, yet tend to overshadow other concerns as along the way. The newer generations are bound to fall for this addiction more than any other. It is primarily due to the exposure to technology and other facilities are immense, and more than that experienced by any other generations. This principle applies to the upcoming generations also as we steadily progress towards refining the technology and immunities to facilitate our comfort and leisure every day. It may be seen as a genuine obstacle, which holds enough capacity to block productivity and actual potential in a dangerous yet negligible manner, rising as a con or rather a side effect of our rapid developments in such fields. Tracking the same can turn out to be one of the numerous steps we can initiate in order to ensure a better social life filled with prosperity, in a way also impacting the skills and potential of every member of society, and optimised utilisation of the same.


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