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T K NANDANAN Too much of anything is good for nothing’ is said to be true in the case of Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who loves her state- Bengal blindly so that she thinks if anybody other than herself tries to rule the state, the same fellow will be destroying the state. The firebrand Mamata has been fanning out Bangla sentiments across the state ever since she came to power let alone the sons of soil theory. Such an attitude being harboured by a person of high stature like Mamata can only help generate haughtiness and overbearing nature in the people of the state, which will lead to parochialism. Addressing a rally to celebrate International Mother Language Day on Sunday, Mamata asked the audience to respond saying, “Jay Bangla instead of hello whenever you pick up a phone call to emphasize your feeing as a Bengali.” Mamata also said that her Government had submitted a proposal of renaming Bengal as ‘Bangla’ four years ago, but the Centre has not cleared it apparently on the ground that there is a separate country called Bangladesh. Maverick Mamata is a woman who always stands for local and she is intolerant towards outsiders meddling with the state. Moreover, she is overly obsessed with the state affairs and so even the governor has come under her monitoring. Has her love for Bengal made her crazy? It may be recalled that she was once projected to be the Prime Ministerdesignate and thank God it was not happened as desired because she is not cut out to be a national leader. As a tree is known by its fruit, so Mamata can be known by her actions. To Mamata sighting BJP is like showing a red flag to a bull. Here too, the governor clad in BJP clothes is enough to infuriate Mamata. However, what the people of the country miss in the political tug of war between the BJP and the TMC is a true national fervour and passion for the country. So, both the parties should bury the hatchet and they should build a strong India together instead. It is true that Mamata Banerjee has become a bête noire in the national political canvass, whereas her strong like for the state made her the darling of the Bengal masses. But too much of love for the state ignoring others comes from evil desires and therefore Mamata cannot be justified. In this context, it is imperative that Mamata should behave in a controlled and more dignified way than giving herself up to fury befitting to a great leader. As a mass leader, she has to still refine herself to lead the people of Bengal forward because the crown and glory of life is character.


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