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Drastic rise in crime post Aug 5, 2019: Manhas

Krishan Singh Manhas, President Hindu Shiv Sena during an interaction with Young Bites correspondent Pooja Thakur explains the current situation of J&K. Q. What are your views on abrogation of Art 370? KRM: Now, it is not hidden anymore; the crime rate of Jammu and Kashmir has increased rapidly. The peoples of J&K are not safe anymore. All the locals are unaware of the fact that the statehood has been snatched away but the benefits of the Union Territory are not given. The people are very innocent and are befooled by corrupt politicians again and again. I request the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi to restore the statehood as soon as possible in order to curb crime. The democracy is being murdered in broad daylight and the dictators are ruling the nation. If opposition tries to raise voice against the wrong practices the dictators put them behind bars without any justification, things are getting even worse day-byday. Q. What is your opinion on inflation? KRM: The government has also failed in controlling inflation. The essential commodities have gone out of the reach of a common man. The government has no statement behind the cause of inflation. Q. What is your view on farm law? KRM: Our farmers are on road protesting for their Rights from the last four months. It is my request to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to intervene in this matter and find an appropriate solution. In last I want to tell all the peoples of J&K that we are here for you and we will protect the esteem of J&K and its resident.


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