Will France be the next USSR for India?

YB WEB DESK. Dated: 1/13/2021 11:46:58 AM

Over the recent years, the bi lateral and strategic relations between India and France have improved drastically, in contrast to that between Pakistan and France which deteriorated at a rapid pace foreseen by none. These series of events were gradually shaped by time, presenting itself as yet another example of a shift in geopolitics as time passes by. Pakistan which once enjoyed very pleasant relations with France is now forced to phase out its fleet of French fighter aircrafts as France denied to provide any support for the upgradation and maintenanc of any French defence equipment which had been sold to Pakistan previously. Looking a decade back in time, it almost feels unreal considering that both nations were considerably close to seal a nuclear deal. All of this development was not overnight, it was gradual and eventual given the development of French interests in India which stands as an adversary to Pakistan, aided by the difference in the ideologies of both nations though it doesn't affect the ties so drastically in terms of geopolitics. The recent offer from France to set up hundred percent of the assembly line of the popular Panther chopper in India besides setting up seventy percent of the assembly line of Rafael fighter aircraft in India is a huge offer proposed by the French side to strengthen the ties between India and France even further. It may also be seen as an effort to promote the Make In India policy which is also subject to French interests as well. This stands as one the biggest and most significant and priceless offers in terms of defence engagement which India has received as of late. If this project takes off then it will not only promote our Make In India initiative but establish France as a reliable defence partner for India besides the Russian Federation. As Russian interests seem to be invested more in China which is foreseen to receive increments only, Russian interests in Pakistan are also deemed to improve in future considering Russia recent investment in Pakistan in terms of a gas pipeline. Economic interests are usually covered by defence engagement and hence the Indian authorities are concerned regarding the same as we highly rely on Russian support and equipment for defence coordination. It may very well force India to look out for fresh and reliable defence suppliers, and France stands as a one the strongest candidates fit for the same. The French authorities also realize this opportunity and hence the offer proposed by their side can be considered a legit and beneficial for the Indian side as it will allow manufacturing at lower costs providing both France and India with better quotations. It will also create a huge gateway for France and India to export incorporated defence equipment to nations in the South East Asian region and Africa. It will be a win-win situation for both nations which look forward to cooperate in numerous fields on a global scale in the near future. Considering the threats from Chins and Pakistan from two fronts, India needs allignment with such powers in order to sustain and stand as a firm opponent against the Chinese influence.


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