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T K NANDANAN It may be a known fact that BJP and TMC are like mongoose and snake, the born enemies, and there is no end at all for their giving each other a mouthful. Mamata, a mouthy motormouth in a fresh jibe called the BJP the ‘Bhartiya Junk Party’ and taunted it for filling its rank and file with tainted leaders. Further, equating BJP workers with US President Donald Trump’s supporters who went on rampage in the US Congress last week, TMC supremo, Mamata Banerjee predicted that they might erupt like violent Republican followers if their party loses the next election. She also said, “The BJP is setting Central agencies after people to bring them on its side. Some people minted a lot of money and have switched to their side under the threat of either the CBI or the ED.” She further said there is no difference between the saffron outfit and outgoing US President Donald Trump. It is immature on the part of Mamata to compare the BJP activists with Trump’s supporters, who entered the Capitol to highlight the widespread election rigging in the states of Pennsylvania and Arizona. Even while holding the highest office in the US, Trump’s outcry over the alleged vote rigging in the election held on November 3 could not be heard. The media and some vested interests turned against Trump and sabotaged the election results in favour of Biden.Trump tried to expose it but some tremendous influential lobbies favouring Biden and his party have perennially suppressed it. And Mamata without knowing this fact tried to compare BJP with Trump supporters. Mamata’s holier-than-thou attitude makes a dent in her credibility as a true leader of the Bengal masses. Her tall claim that famine will follow if Bengal picks BJP is just an eyewash and does not hold water. Thousands of Bengalis prefer to come to Kerala and settle here with their families in order to get better living conditions away from her own state. What does this mean? It shows that Bengal is still not able to shrug off the situation in which people lead a hand-to-mouth existence. Maverick Mamata is a woman who always stands for local and she is intolerant towards outsiders meddling with the state. Moreover, she is overly obsessed with the state affairs and so even the governor has come under her monitoring. Has her love for Bengal made her crazy? It may be recalled that she was once projected to be the Prime Minister- designate and thank God it was not happened as desired because she is not cut out to be a national leader. As a tree is known by its fruit, so Mamata can be known by her actions. To Mamata sighting BJP is like showing a red flag to a bull. Here too, the governor clad in BJP clothes is enough to infuriate Mamata. However, what the people of the country miss in the political tug of war between the BJP and the TMC is a true national fervour and passion for the country. So, both the parties should bury the hatchet and they should build a strong India together instead.


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