Heading: The most powerful leader is also subject to scrutiny; not by law

YB WEB DESK. Dated: 1/12/2021 12:01:31 PM

The recent protests at the US Capitol Hill were nothing short of a huge blunder by the sitting American administration and police authorities. Never had anyone ever witnessed anything of this sort in the most powerful democracy of the world, considered the gold standard of a democractic framework throughout the globe. Such a situation was unimaginable or anything even close to that of this sort at a place of such power and political significance. Criticism was deemed towards it as everyone lashed out on the demonstraters as well as the administration duely held responsible for the same. Though the pattern of protests and demonstrations in America has been very fascinating as of recent, post the trade war and I'm positions of sanctions over Chins,, the Triump administration is also fully liable for the these mishappenings ever now and then despite the conspiracies pointing out towards the involvement of Russian and Chinese factors amidst the same. An usual repercussion was faced by Trump this time. As the Capitol Hill protests were primarily lead by right wing Trump supporters, it is believed that they were even more fuelled by his posts and tweets, rather pushing them to initiate such insensitive demonstrations leading to chaos, damage of public property and loss of numerous lives. Yes, all of this is absolutely disheartening but the development of the repercussion I have aforementioned shouldn't be undermined by any way either, as it will tend to neglect a very crucial aspect of this entire picture. Facebook and Twitter, two of the largest giants in social media industry permanently suspended the account of Donald Trump, the sitting President of the United States of America. One takes a deep breathe after the realising this for sure. Given the reason for the ban that Trump supporters were only fuelled by his tweets against the upcoming government and supposedly accusations of unfair elections, the action was initiated against him. Who had even though that the world's most powerful leader would be defied in such a manner. Surely, the issue of free speech is not much highlighted in this very case despite being a prominent part of every democracy to ever exist. Yes, it was neglected here but we need to realize that it's the Constitution of all such democracies which offers and fulfills this right to its citizens and not any private firm or MNC like Facebook or Twitter. As these only focus on monopolisation and dominance in every possible sector irrespective of any rights or constitutional remedies. They are not held responsible for their actions and this may have just alarmed caution towards this concern which may erupt as a topic of primary concern in the future after this very incident. This debate is a wide one with thoughts flooding every side, but we should not neglect it in a light manner we're generally used to. Accountability and transparency are key in the process of democratic governance, and this must be carried forward as we all move ahead.


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