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Mono (mononucleosis) is also called infectious mononucleosis. This disease is sometimes referred to as the “kissing disease” because you can get it through saliva. You can also contract mono by sharing drinking glasses, eating utensils, and through sneezes and coughs. Some kinds of mono are also transmitted through blood and other bodily fluids. Mono usually affects teenagers and young adults, but anyone can get it. Like the common cold, a virus causes mono. Similarly, there’s no specific treatment for mono. This infection is usually less contagious than a cold. However, mono symptoms can last longer. You may have symptoms for four to six weeks or more. It may take a few months before you completely recover from mono. Treatments Viruses cause mono infections. This means antibiotics can’t effectively treat the condition. Some antibiotics, like amoxicillin and penicillin, can even cause a rash if you have mono. Different kinds of viruses can cause mono. A research studyTrusted Source that tested common antiviral drugs against the Epstein–Barr virus (EBV) found they didn’t work well at all in clinical cases. EBV is a virus that can cause mono. It’s responsible for up to 50 percentTrusted Source of all mono infections. Treating symptoms Treatment usually involves treating symptoms like fever or a sore throat. Mono can cause a person to be prone to secondary bacterial infections. In this case, antibiotics can treat a bacterial: • sinus infection • strep infection • tonsil infection Symptoms Mono usually causes swollen lymph nodes in the neck, underarm, and groin areas. You may also have other common symptoms, like: • fever • sore throat • white patches on the throat • muscles aches • weakness • fatigue • skin rash • headache • poor appetite Spleen symptoms Along with other symptoms, mono can cause the spleen to get bigger. The spleen is an organ in your abdomen that stores and filters blood. Almost half of people with a mono infection have an enlarged spleen. Enlarged spleen symptoms include: • left side abdomen pain • back pain • feeling full • fatigue • shortness of breath It’s important to rest if you have mono. An enlarged spleen can become more delicate, but you may not show any symptoms.


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