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Sometimes let go is easy than hold on into broken relation: Dr Trehan

Dr. Chand Trehan, J&K’s first woman Counselor during an interaction with Young Bites correspondent Pooja Thakur shares her counseling experience in Jammu. Q. Tell something about yourself? Dr: I had started my counseling session in J&K in 2000. I found that the people of Jammu were not good in communication and technical skills due to the lack of self-confidence. The people of J&K feel backward when they visit Punjab, Delhi, Mumbai and other developed states. I had immediately decided to counsel these people and polish their skills. I helped lot of people in finding their real capabilities and boost their morale so that they can excel in their fields. Q. How different is thinking of people of JK than other states? Dr: I had travelled a lot of places and found that the people of J&K are still not upgraded with time. We lack confidence and self-esteem as soon as we meet people from Delhi or Mumbai we started comparing us with them and feel negligible in front of them. Women of J&K are coming forward and feeling confident but men are still feeling shy during interactions. The youngsters are not confident due to the protective upbringing by parents and grandparents. During teenage when young one needs exposure, parents do not allow them to do anything at their own Will as they grow up like contented frog of pound. I request all the parents to let your child to compete with the world as they can understand where they stand. Q. What is your advice to parents whom their children disrespect? Dr: I want to advise all the parents that an adolescent is not a child anymore, they are grown up adult and can handle them like an adult and should respect their decisions too. Treat them with friendly nature and advice them as friends. Try not to impose your dreams and decisions on them. These are the hormones who rebel with you, not your children. Q. What sort of problems you are addressing nowadays particularly of children? Dr: The most common problem we are facing nowadays is anger. Parents provide high tech gadgets to preschool child due to which they start living in an imaginary world and become aggressive. So, I advise all the parents to spend quality time with your babies and keep them away from gadgets. If we talk about adolescent they become vulnerable. They see their future in dark as one year of studies has been ruined, their relationships came apart due to lockdown. They are confined to one place makes them suffocated and turn them vulnerable. Cases of panic attack, anxiety and stress and how to cope up from broken relationships have increased.


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