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Khoon, Dec 3 Intensifying the campaign at the hustings, DDC candidate of Panthers Party from Khoon, Manju Singh aggressively countered the BJP for having described NPP as B-team of Gupkaris. Questioning the unholy marriage of convenience in Kargil between the two parties, she said that it was in fact the BJP which was playing a second fiddle and acting as a B-team of NC and supporting it in LAHDC, Kargil. She said that BJP has been totally exposed for its duplicitous character and political subterfuge. Panthers Party alone has the capacity and audacity to confront the anti-Jammu forces which were being continuously supported and promoted by the BJP as witnessed during the last few years, asserted Manju. She was on a whirl wind tour of the villages Garh, Lehri and Babey of block Khoon where she addressed massive public gatherings and urged the people to weed out Saffron Party from the roots in the ongoing DDC elections. Addressing the gatherings, Manju Singh said while the BJP was trumpeting drums to vilify the members of the Gupkar Alliance as anti-nationals, it shamelessly chose to stitch yet another unholy alliance with the NC to share power in Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council (LAHDC), Kargil despite lambasting and describing the latter all over the country as “Gupkaris”. The BJP stands completely unmasked for its treachery and duplicity. While it wants all other political parties and the people to sever their connections with NC, it contrarily preferred to be an integral ally of National Conference in the LAHDC, Kargil for mere crumbs of power. Not only that it continued the said alliance despite Farooq’s nasty outbursts seeking support of China for restoration of Art 370 in J&K. Will the ‘Andhbhakts’ now open their eyes to the naked reality and see the real character and actual face of BJP concealed by it behind its deceptive masquerade?”, questioned Manju Singh. Accusing the BJP of practicing pseudo-nationalism only to promote its political motive, Manju Singh said that its demagogues and opportunist leaders could go to any extent to reap the fruits of power. Saffron Party can even ally with the Satin if assured political bonanza out of the dirty combine. Its self claimed patriots have been using fake nationalism as an electoral trump card to divide and polarize people for petty political gains. And this fact has been proved time and again. People still remember how they embraced PDP after having denounced its leadership as anti-national. It remained mute when pro-Pak slogans were raised in the Assembly and Pak flags were overtly unfurled in Kashmir. It was hand in glove with its ally to release 11,000 stone-pelters, frame schemes for rehabilitation of militants, offer jobs to gun wielding youth, announce scholarships for wards of militants, slap FIRs against army and deny ex-gratia to martyrs and other victims of militancy. Undoubtedly, BJP and Gupkaris are the two faces of the same coin, rued Manju.


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