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The arrival of famous online audio and video streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hot star, Voot amongst an ever-ending list of online streaming services entering the Indian marketplace has led to a significant shift in the entertainment industry as a whole throughout the country. From fixed TV sets to smartphones in your hand, from strictly timed programming to on-demand programs, from an industry monopolised by a few to an open field of opportunities, online streaming platforms have changed the entire scenario. With a variety of endless hours of content, sufficient to consume the entirety of a lifetime, the enormous range of programs available for streaming is more than ever before. Aided by the onslaught of razor-edge technologies developed every day, helping this industry innovate to offer the best product possible while being compatible with existing platforms. One can choose to watch from an endless variety of topics available in the form of a show, a movie or an episodic web-series as per his or her choice, whenever he wants, whatever he wants, virtually packing an entire library in a small pocket. It may have created a considerable distraction for the majority of the working class already overwhelmed with their desk jobs. Usually hindering their productivity in general, causing procrastination, lethargy and what now, yet people save their daily evenings and precious weekend to binge their favourite shows and movies on such platforms as a treat for their daily onslaught at work. However, a positive aspect towards online streaming platforms is the revolution brought into the entertainment industry, originally monopolised by the silver screens and cinema industry. Introducing loads of quality content featuring international classics and gold standard shows specifically oriented around the local community of viewership which in turn has assisted in expansion of wider viewer base. Shows, series on such online platforms usually provide a stage for upcoming actors and stars to showcase their skills and talents to a significant audience base before making it to the big stage. With some even receiving a much-required push to realise their full potential. The marketing strategy has played a crucial role towards the success of such platforms in a country like India, providing endless services and programs at attractively affordable prices besides providing additional incentive for annual subscriptions in general. This has proved significantly beneficial considering the demography of the lower and middle-income households filling the nation. Contrary to the high price demanded by TV cable providers for the same stale channels filled with nonsensical shows and stringent timings, online streaming platforms usually provide monthly memberships, usually cheaper than the prices of a movie at a cinema hall.


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