Grant statehood to Jammu region: Harsh Dev

YB WEB DESK. Dated: 10/17/2020 11:24:33 AM

Jammu, Oct 16 Re-iterating the demand for statehood to Jammu region, the activists of NPP led by Mr. Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and Mr. Yash Paul Kundal State President Young Panthers held a massive protest at exhibition ground in Jammu today. The protesters carrying national flags and placards raised slogans of “Peoples Alliance Hai Hai, BJP govt Hai Hai, Jammu Pradesh ko Rajya ka darza do, darza do, Kashmir ke gunohon ki saza Jammu ko dena bandh karo, bandh karo” etc. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh advised the Kashmir centric leaders to stop crying over spilt milk as Art 370 and Art 35-A had become a part of history. He said that there was no question of revival of the said provisions as the matter was subjudice in the Supreme Court which alone had the right to comment or adjudicate the issue. Rejecting the Gupkar declaration and resolution of People Alliance, Mr. Harsh Dev said that the political parties should stop playing politics over the said subject and rather focus on mitigating the endless problems faced by the people in both the regions of J&K. Asserting that Jammu Pradesh was the biggest causality of Kashmir crisis, Mr. Singh said that there was no justification whatsoever in clubbing Jammu with Kashmir and classifying it as a Union territory. “The peace loving people of Jammu region were well known for their nationalist, secular credentials and respect for country’s constitution, its integrity and sovereignty. Jammu region had remained most peaceful even when the other states witnessed violent protests, arson and bloodshed as seen during the recent CAA and NRC agitation in the country. It was however most distressing to note that it was being made to suffer only for the troubles in Kashmir and divested of even its basic rights. The 4G internet connectivity was snapped in Jammu region only because of problems in Kashmir. Statehood was snatched from us only because of issues with Kashmir. The democratic rights have been denied to us only because of adverse security situation in Kashmir and so on and so forth”, lamented Singh. “For how long shall the people of Jammu Pradesh continue to suffer for the troubles in Kashmir. Why should we be punished for the sins of some anti India or separatist elements in Kashmir. Why should we be deprived of statehood status which the people of the dogra land enjoyed for the last around 200 years since 1846”, questioned Singh.


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