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Acupressure points for Migraine

Stimulate the Third Eye Point. Each acupressure point has many different names, those based in its ancient use and the more modern name, which is often a combination of letter and numbers. The Third Eye Point, also called GV 24.5, helps relieve headache and head congestion. This point is found between the eyebrows, where the bridge of the nose connect to your forehead. •Press this point with firm, but gentle pressure for one minute. You can try simple pressure or apply a circular motion. See which works best for you. Try Drilling Bamboo. Drilling Bamboo, also called Bright Lights Points or B2, helps headaches that are located more in the front of the head. These pressure points are located at the inner corners of both eyes, just above the eyelid and on the bone surrounding your eye. •Use the tops of both your index fingers and apply pressure to both points at the same time for one minute. •You can stimulate each side separately if you want. Just make sure to do it for one minute on each side Press Welcome Fragrance. Welcome Fragrance, also called Welcome Perfume and LI20, helps migraine headaches and sinus pain. This point is located on the outer side of each nostril, near the bottom of your cheekbone. •Apply a deep, firm pressure or use a circular pressure. Do this for one minute. Press Feng Chi. Feng Chi, also called GB20 or the Gates of Consciousness, is a common pressure point used for migraines. GB20 found just below the ear. To find the point, find the two hollows on the sides of the neck at the base of the skull. You can thread your fingers, gently cup your skull with your hands, and place your thumbs in the hollows at the base of the neck.


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