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Dialysis Centres

Sir, The Government deserves appreciation for taking such a step which would help Dialysis patients immensely. At a time when diabetes is spreading among people at an alarming rate, and cost of medicines, and medicare is getting beyond the reach of the common man, this facility at all district hospitals will be a great relief to people. It has been observed that most of our hospitals are overcrowded and lack modern infrastructure , and in this scenario, it is the common man, and people especially from rural areas who suffer the most. Rural people are the worst hit. As they have to move from their native places to towns to seek treatment which involves not only money but also their precious time which they otherwise could utilise for earning their livelihood. The Government must ensure that these Dialysis machines remain in working condition and there is ample manpower to operate them efficiently otherwise in the absence of technicians these sophisticated machines would remain unused and gather dust in the store rooms of hospitals, and forcing patients to go for private check ups which comes at a great cost. Surinder Sharma Jammu


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