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Ayurvedic Treatment for Migraine

1. Drink Ginger Tea Author Alice Peart suggests that drinking ginger tea helps in coping with the other symptoms of migraine like nausea. Ginger root is known to block prostiglandins, compounds that stimulate muscle contractions and cause a headache. Peart advises that you should have 2-4 grams of ginger daily to feel better. In any case, most health experts suggest adding ginger to your daily diet considering it is a superfood and helps in promoting overall health. 2. Inhale Essential Oils In the her book, Peart also writes that inhaling essential oils like rosemary, lavender and jasmine could be a great home remedy. Soothing scents can help reduce pain and ease tension by directly attacking the triggers. Stress can be a trigger for migraine headache and luckily lavender oil works as a mild sedative that helps you calm down. Similarly,rosemary oil helps in treating hormonal imbalances which is one of the major causes of migraine in women. Add five to 10 drops of the essential oil into hot water and take deep breaths so as to inhale the steam. 3. Use Sesame Oil as a Nasal Drop Dr. Akhilesh Sharma, Former Ayurveda Advisor for the Delhi Government, suggests that you use sesame oil as a nasal drop. According to Ayurveda, migraines may mostly be associated with an aggravated vata dosha caused due to mental stress or insomnia. The dry nature of vata can make you dehydrated, leading to stiffness of muscles and constipation that trigger a headache. In order to relieve the pressure created in the body, put about four drops of sesame oil in your nostrils once a day till the migraine attack lasts and inhale deeply.


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