No need to be panicky on Coronavirus

YoungBites. Dated: 3/20/2020 11:31:21 AM

OMKAR DATTATRAY There is no need to worry and be surprised over the corona virus that has invaded the whole world because this is a natural thing to happen. It was long back in the year 1798 that the acclaimed economist Thomas Roberet Malthus has given his well known theory of population when he wrote his famous essay on the principles of population and that theory is still valid particularly in India and china though it has been severely criticised on various counts .It is so natural that the nature plays its role when the humans fail to adhere to the normal and natural behaviour. Thus has the Malthus talked about the two types of checks which he called preventive checks and positive checks. It is natural that the nature plays its part and curbs the population. Therefore when the humans fail to control the growing population the divine forces control the population. Population increases by geometric progression and the supply of the food products increase by arithmetic progression. There is sanity in the control of the population by preventive measures of family planning, late marriage, self control and the like. But when these preventive measures are not taken and the population increases very fast, then nature controls the growing population. It is every bodys knowledge that the natural calamities like epidemics, floods, earth quakes, famines, draughts check the population. The present corona various also is the positive check of the nature perhaps to check the ever increasing number of population and therefore there should be no surprise in on this coronavirus which has invaded the whole world. There is no doubt that the human life is very precious and the loss of life cannot be indemnified by any way and therefore people are very panicky but the fact of the matter is that there is no need to be panicky and there is need to take all the precautionary measures so that your precious life is saved. Therefore instead of panic and fear one should pay great attention to cleanliness and hygiene which can have a direct effect on combating this epidemic. As they say that cleanliness is next to Godliness and so the father of the nation Gandhi jee had also given top most priority to health, hygiene and cleanliness and wu should follow the footsteps of the Mahatma to save ourselves from the disease. The electronic and print media has played its part in spreading the fear about the corona virus. But we should not be afraid of this virus but follow the rules of health and hygiene and fight back the deadly disease. All that is required is to use the masks and sanitizers and keep clean and also to clean your hands and not to touch your nose ,mouth and eyes because the virus in question enters the human body through these human parts. We should also know it well that the deadly virus spreads through touch and therefore it is necessary that such patients should be kept in isolation and they should be treated . The government should play its own role in educating the people through information through TV, Radio and newspapers. Proper education should be given to the people so that they do not panic but fight back the virus. Therefore all that is needed is to stop from being panicky and to take all the necessary precautionary measures in our day to day life .It is also needed that the people should not assemble at the public places and avoid from visiting the places frequently visited by the people. One should perform pooja at ones home and abstain from visiting those temples ,masques, churchs and Gurdwaras so that the virus does not spread. So there is great need to be calm and quite and not be afraid of the corona virus and instead fight it back. The general people are required to cooperate with the government so that the virus is controlled. People say that there is no medicine for this virus but the scientists will be at work to research and find a remedy for this virus and it is hoped that the disease will be controlled by the collective efforts of the medical fraternity and the general people. Once again there is no need to panic and be afraid of the virus. The Writer is Retd. Education Officer and Columnist.


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