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Adequate sports resources, infrastructure required to hone hidden talent, says Bilquis

Bilquis Mir, Director Water Sports JK Sports Council, International player of Kayaking and Canoeing water sports during an interaction with Young Bites team shares her journey from water sports player to Dir JKSC.
Q. How did kayaking and canoeing played? BM: Canoeing is a water sport which was started in 1924 in Canada and later in 1936 it was included in Olympics. There are two boats one is Kayak and other is Canoe. In Kayak the boat is propelled by double blade while in sitting position and in Canoe the boat is propelled by single blade in kneeling position. The boat is propelled in a straight course of 9 line tracks and the offshore distance of course may be 200m 500m and 1000m. The race is divided into three categories K1, K2, K3 and C1, C2, C3 for Kayak and Canoe respectively. Q. How much difficult are water sports? BM: The main components of water sports are endurance and training. One can easily recognize water sports player as they have broad shoulders and chest. Propelling a boat needs muscular power so that daily training is necessary. Q. How you joined water sports? BM: I wanted to be a Boxer but didn’t know how to be a boxer. Then our school organized water sports event at Nehru Park, Srinagar. I visited there with my friend as she wanted to join the program, and I was waiting for her outside then a coach asked me to leave or to join practice. I had started practicing but not able to balance the Kayak then; I made my mind to play water sports and joined that training. After two months I won a Canoeing event conducted by Jammu and Kashmir Police. Initially my parents did not supported to adopt sports as a profession but later my mother started supporting. We belong to a society where no one can opt sports as a profession. I have to struggle a lot to fulfill my dreams. Q. Are women empowered? BM: Women are achieving their goals and fulfilling their dreams but somewhere they are not strong enough in making their decisions. There is lot of hidden talent in our local girls but due to lack of resources the same cannot be honed.


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