Lohri’ illustrate communal harmony of Dogras: DSS

YB WEB DESK. Dated: 1/14/2020 12:08:40 PM

Jammu, Jan 13 Braving foul weather, caring not for the rain and traffic hold ups, Dogras including super senior citizens dressed up in their traditional turbans assembled at the Dogra Bhawan to celebrate Lohri and greet each other with affectionate hugs across all kinds of communal, social or regional lines. The story of ‘Dulla Bhatti’ that depicts how a Muslim elder protected a Hindu girl as his own daughter was repeated as a reminder to the young generations, in a climate where the nation is struggling with the menace of atrocities on women and even minor girls by anti-social criminals. President Dogra Sadar Sabha (DSS) Th. Gulchain Singh Charak exhorted all Dogras to uphold these pious traditions and unite for the noble causes and Dogriyat that impress upon communal harmony and brotherhood. He also, once again called upon all social, religious and political groups of the region to have one voice on matters concerning the region of Duggar Pradesh. Some members brought out that it was said that personal / political ambitions are overshadowing the cause of Dogras; in the bargain our heritage, culture, folk art and traditions are suffering. “We need to unite culturally as ‘one Dogra entity’ for the sake of surviving Dogriyat” pointed out veteran distinguished warrior Col Dr. Virendra Sahi, VrC. Sikh, Muslim and Christian members joined the celebration around the Bonn fire and shared traditional ‘Moong Phali & Rewari’. All members jointly resolved to uphold the Dulla Bhatti example and keep vigilant for protection of women folk and girls in the society as all daughters are common to all “Sab Dheeyan Sanjiyan” said Amanat Ali Shah as he blessed all cautioning them to stay vigilant of any divisive elements who may try to disturb our communal harmony and peace, so dearly preserved by Dogriyat. Prominently present in the celebration were Prem Sagar Gupta, Gambhir Dev Singh Charak, Col. Karan Singh, Madan Rangila, S. Kulbir Singh, G .A Khwaja, Ch. Kamal Singh, Rajinder Gupta, Janak Khajuria, J. S. Babli, Madan Lal Bhagat, Chhankar Singh, Qadir Hussain, Dr. Ashok Gupta, Vidya Sagar Sharma, and Priya Raina.


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