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International Centre for Theoretical Sciences

International Centre for Theoretical Sciences (ICTS), a centre of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, is a research institute based in Bengaluru. Founded in 2007, ICTS has grown from a fledgling institution to a global centre of activity in various areas of science. International Centre for Theoretical Science is a multi and interdisciplinary venture that brings together various subjects such as mathematics, physics, biology, computer science and earth sciences. It is envisaged as a place where researchers from around the world meet and interact for critical periods of time in a relaxed and collaborative atmosphere. ICTS hopes to attract the best researchers from around the world to organize and participate in programs that stimulate progress in science. It is also involved in high level education and training and in reaching out to the larger society by serving as a node for scientific information and values. The activities at ICTS fall under the following broad categories: In-house research Programs, Science outreach and public engagement. ICTS aims to have a high quality permanent faculty of modest size together with a large floating population of visitors, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students. The faculty members work in various areas of theoretical sciences. ICTS also has a wide group of Associated Faculty, who are deeply involved in various activities of the Centre. ICTS has a vigorous Ph.D. students’ program. The students are stationed in Bangalore and their course requirements for a degree from TIFR are partly fulfilled by arrangements with various institutions in Bangalore. A strong post-doctoral program has also been initiated.


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