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There is no shortcut to success: Prof Ganjoo

Prof R K Ganjoo, Registrar Jammu University in an interaction with Young Bites correspondent Pooja Thakur shares his struggle to success. Q. How many difficulties you faced? RK: I had done my M.Sc. from Jammu University in 1980 and did Ph.D from Pune University. Later, I worked in Deccan College Post Graduate and Research Institute as Research Assistant for 5-6 years. There I worked with various foreigner scientists and learned a lot from them. Q. What is your take on changing education scenario? RK: The education scenario is rapidly changing and there is a lot of change in the education system in the past over two decades. In early 80s least facilities and technology was available to the students but now the children have access to the internet and other technological equipments which have made the education simpler and easy. There were no competitions, very fewer colleges were available in early 80s but in the last two decades, the education sector has witnessed a massive growth. Numbers of schools, colleges and universities have been established and so the competition has increased. In our time, books or teacherswere the only source to any question or query but today the solution to any complex question is just a click away which has increased the gap between the student and the teacher. The new generation prefers to use internet to get answer to their question instead of going to the teacher or finding it in the book. Q. What is your advice to students? RK: I want to say to all the students that success has no shortcut. You must study to gain knowledge, but not to get passing marks or good percentage. A piece of paper cannot define your intelligence. Your degree is just a piece of paper so work hard to gain knowledge and there is a saying that hard work always pays. Message: Every problem comes with a solution.


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