Mumbai commuters still court death on railway tracks

Abha Gupta. Dated: 8/12/2019 3:34:36 PM

The railways is doing its bit to make people aware of the dangers of trespassing, but it is still the number one killer at stations
Mumbaikars are always hurrying to their destinations, and among these, there are those who will not take a railway bridge, preferring instead to leap across the tracks.
On both the Central Railway (CR) and Western Railway (WR), trespassing accounted for 721 deaths until June this year. In other accidents, 311 people died either due to falling off trains and or being hit by poles. At least which 57% of the deaths took place during the non-peak hours.
“During the off-peak period, trains are not overcrowded, and the chances of a person falling off a train or being hit by a pole are far less. The data seems to suggest that most of the off-peak deaths would be due to trespassing,” said Ravinder Bhakar, chief public relations officer, WR.


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