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The series “Shaheedo ko Naman, Empower the ‘Veer Naris’” has been started in an initiative by Young Bites not only to remember t he martyrs of the nation but to convey a social message to the society to take care of the families of the martyr, to empower the ‘Veer Naris’. It is the responsibility of the Society to give moral support to the ‘Veer Naris’ and their children.
* The martyr families who need any kind of help can contact Brig Harcharan Singh at 94192- 16663 or concerned Zila Sainik Office.
* Every martyr family should get the benefit of Ex gratia and SRO 43.
* If mother unable to carry on job, kids should get benefit.
* Martyr family should get official accommodation.
* MLA, Bureaucrats, Sarpanch should visit the martyr’s home to help them sort their problems.
‘Veer Nari’ says:
* Indian Army, Sainik Board has always helped from time to time.
* No MLA, Sarpanch, Bureaucrat has time to visit their home.
* Could not get benefit of SRO 43 due to less education.
ER ABHA GUPTA Jammu, Aug, 4 In the year 2012, Sep Noor Hussain was posted in Kishtwar, there were inputs about presence of militants in the forest area Palmar in Kishtwar, while his party was patrolling bullet hit him at his right upper back, he was seriously injured and later he succumbed. YoungBites correspondent got an opportunity to interact with the wife of martyr in Kishtwar to know about the early life and how life changes post martyrdom. ‘Veer Nari’ recalls that at the time when her husband was martyred, she had four daughters, elder daughter was 8 years old and youngest was just 9 months old. It was a very hard time for her, but she fought the tough battle of life and never gave up. Tassena is a very humble natured, simple woman, she feels proud to say that her elder daughter also wants to join Indian Army like her father. It is the responsibility of the Army Unit of the area to help the martyrs daughter to guide her in joining army. Through this medium we request all the females of the society to complete their education first and then get married. Taseena could not complete her education as a result she could not get benefit of job under SRO 43. We appeal state govt. to have flexibility in rules, the benefit of SRO 43 should be flexible and benefits should float to the kids as well, so that if the mother could not do a job, kids could get benefit. We request all are readers and society in general to come forward and contribute as much towards the welfare of families of martyr. Sainik Welfare Dept is meant to take care of martyr families, the civil society can come in touch with them to help the families in their needs. It is the duty of citizens to visit their families and help them in solving their problems. Tell the ‘Veer Naris’, Veer Mata’ that we are always with them. Help their children in career counseling. Give them respect. Bow heads whenever we meet them. Never forget that the supreme sacrifice was made for us”.


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