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Talk to your daughters openly on menstrual hygiene: Dr. Vasudha

Q. How did you got inclined towards homeopathy? VV: When I was studying in higher secondary I got effectuated towards medical stream so I opted medical stream in senior secondary. When I came to know about the side effects of allopathic medicines on humans I decided to go for homeopathy. Moreover, my parents were having great trust in homeopathy. After my higher secondary I decided to be a homeopathy consultant. Q. What is your message to public? VV: In rural areas the people mostly the parents hesitates to talk about sanitary pads which is the basic need of any girl in her adolescent age. In such a scenario the girls in their teenage do not share their problems pertaining to menstrual periods and hygiene. Majority of the adolescent girls in rural areas still uses cloth pieces during their periods which are totally unhygiene and can cause severe health problems sometimes it can cause ovary cancer also. This is the high time that parents should talk openly with their daughters in their teenage regarding menstrual hygiene and should make sanitary pads available to them. The girls should be made aware regarding the menstrual hygiene and should be taught to not shy in sharing any problem regarding periods. Q. What is the difference between homeopathy and allopathy medicines? VV: Though medicines in allopathy are quick in action but at the same time they cause many side effects. These medicines can bring respite from illness but regular intake of allopathic medicines can cause huge damage to many other organs. But homeopathic medicines have no side effect. The reason behind is that the medicines in homeopathy are manufactured by extracts from plants and rare herbal stems. Even homeopathic can cure a fatal disease, but it will take long time to show results. Q. What precautions we should take during rainy season? VV: During rainy season with the increase in humidity fungal diseases and viral infections spread rapidly. In such a climate, people should always wear clean clothes, and bath daily. In case of any allergic reaction please contact a doctor and do not swallow in medicines at your own. After eating junk food, we should drink luke warm water as it strengthens our digestion. Wash hands before and after every meal. Keep your nails clean and maintain proper hygiene. Q. What are your hobbies? VV: Beside, my profession I love to dance. Whenever, I have some free time I love to spend it totally upon me.


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