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Cleanliness keeps away diseases says Dr. Monika Sharma (Infection Control Officer)

Q. How many troubles you faced for your success?
Dr: My father was very strict towards studies so he groomed me up in a very strict discipline and I did not faced any trouble during my study. I have passed my higher secondary from St. Marry Presentation School, Gandhi Nagar.
Q. How did you become a doctor?
Dr: There was no plan to become a doctor till I passed my higher secondary. But as I passed, higher secondary I got inclined towards medical profession and decided to become a doctor. I got tremendous support from my parents towards my decision of adopting medical profession. By the grace of the God and the blessings of my parents today I am a successful doctor.
Q. What did you want to share with those aspiring to be doctors?
Dr. I would like to convey all those who are preparing for competitive exams to remain concentrated to the subject they are studying. You need to understand the basics to solve questions in any competitive exam be it medical or non-medical.
Q. What is your advice for hygienic life?
Dr. Wash your hand properly with soap before and after every meal. Fruits and veggies should be properly washed before you eat them because they carry a lot of diseases and pesticides on them. As parents you should not allow your siblings to eat anything until they washed their hands properly. Don’t allow them to eat junk food.
Q. What is the “Mantra” to success?
Dr: Success is the reflection of hard work with sincerity. People thought that they can achieve more by smart work but it’s not true you can win a couple of times but not before that.
Message: Cleanliness keeps away diseases.


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