JeM warns its Valley cadre against ‘love’ trap

YB WEB DESK. Dated: 6/7/2019 10:36:06 AM

New Delhi, June 6 Pakistan-based terror group Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Maulana Masood Azhar has warned his outfit’s jehadis operating in Jammu & Kashmir against falling in what he termed as ‘Female Companion Trap’ and leaving behind their footprint which makes it easier for the security forces to track and eliminate them. The warning came during one of the Khutbas (sermons) delivered every day during the ongoing Ramzan by Azhar, proscribed by the UN as a global terrorist. The sophisticated terminology, Female Companion Trap, for moral turpitude of the jehadis indicates that Azhar’s qutbas are also being drafted by Pakistan’s covert agency Inter-Services Intelligence, sources said. Banned terror groups like the JeM and Lashkare- Tayyeba work as terror affiliates of the Pakistan Army-ISI combine with the objective of bleeding India through low intensity conflicts in the form of terrorist attacks against Indian targets in Jammu & Kashmir and in the hinterland. “Just do not go after one or two beautiful women and leave behind footprint for the Indian security forces. Jehad is a correct Islamic objective and martyrdom for the cause will get you 72 women in heaven,” Azhar told his followers recently. The directive by Azhar is an indication that his cohorts in Jammu & Kashmir indulge in acts of moral turpitude and exploitation women, including minors. A number of top terrorists, including Burhan Wani and Zakir Musa, are believed to have been killed while being with their female companions/girlfriends. Counter-terrorism expert Dr Rituraj Mate said, “JeM boss has asked its cadres to evade the security forces and avoid any contact with women. But the mindset of the jehadis, always on the run, is such that they will view even an appreciative eye contact from women can trigger an attack on them. Given the latest diktat from Azhar to the jehadis, the attacks on women in Jammu & Kashmir may rise in the coming days.” There is a need by the forces on the ground to factor in the development and incorporate it in the security calculus in order to minimise attacks against women in the State, Mate added. The outfit has lost its entire leadership in the Valley following sustained operations by the security forces in Jammu & Kashmir and the Jaish is finding it difficult to find fresh recruits especially in the backdrop of the airstrikes by the Indian Air Force against the outfit’s suicide bombing training facility in Balakot inside Pakistan. As a counter to the depleting base and diminished recruitment ground in the Valley, the JeM has been seeking to shift its base to the Jammu region of the State but without much success.


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