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ER ABHA GUPTA(BE(GCET), ME(PANJAB UNIVERSITY)) So exams are over. What a feeling it is on the last day of examination. But for class 12th students get confused, they do not know whether to enjoy the end of boards or to worry What to do now! Gone are the days when the only option was MBBS or Engineering. Now the things have changed, today parents do not thrust their desires on children. They give them time to think and choose wisely. But again many end up with confusion and appear in entrance examination in these two fields and finally either become a doctor or an engineer, which they never wanted to be. Therefore, it is important to begin early and to know what options lay ahead of you after school so that you can make an intelligent and calculated decision. Students often miss out on potentially great career choices due to lack of timely information. The major advantage that science students have over non-science students is that they are eligible for science as well as non-science options - a privilege not available to students from commerce and humanities streams. There are numerous interesting and lucrative career options in India apart from the usual ones such as doctors, engineers, or civil servants. There are many career choices in India from diverse fields like science, engineering, medical, computers and IT, mass communication, law, armed forces, performing arts and design and many other fields: CAREER PATH If you know which career to select after Class 12 but not sure of the subjects that you should opt in graduation or the entrance exams that you should take after Class 12, then we have the solution. Some of the commonly chosen careers by students after Class 12.
• Air-Hostess
• Animator
• Army-Officer
• Astronaut
• Banking
• Chef
• College-Teacher
• Computer-Science-
• Dancer
• Doctor
• Engineer
• Family-business
• Fashion-Designer
• Journalist
• Lawyer
• Pilot
• Police-Officer
• Radio-Jockey
• School-Teacher
• Scientist
• Sports-Star
• Studying-Abroad
• Vet
• Writer


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