Women Cricket Association J&K, Coach, Shah Aijaz

Young Bites. Dated: 5/15/2019 7:39:47 AM

Q. Give a brief on Women Cricket Association? SA. It’s our initiative under women empowerment. As cricket is one of the most popular and famous game of Asia. It is now a professional game. Now children started building career in cricket. There is no limitation for boys they can play anywhere but it comes to girl they have limitation so we started this initiation so they even give competition to boys. Q. When did you start this initiative and when girls started joining cricket association? SA.Girls want to play cricket right from late 80’s and 90’s. This association is started by SambhuNath Sharma our mentor in 70’s. But in starting they hesitate because of that they can’t join our association. Due to conservative families and not even they have support from family. But slowly slowly they started joining our association and now they are also playing national matches by our Association. Q. According to you from where you get most of the talent? SA. As we all know that Kashmiri are very conservative. We get most of the talent from south Kashmir. But our every player is super talented. Women Cricket Association is a platform for all girls who want to play cricket. There is no age limit, we start training you from your budding age so that you can play professionally.


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