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BY DR SAHIL GUPTA Addiction is a brain disorder characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli despite adverse consequences. Addictive substances which when taken, have ability to change an individual’s consciousness and modify perception, mood, thinking process, behaviour and mortar function, these substances are also called psychoactive substances but not all substances acting on brain are addictive. Addictive substances primarily act on a particular area or a group of neurons in frontal region of mid brain which controls emotion, thinking, judgment and memory leading the individual to repeatedly administer the addictive or psychoactive substances that is drug seeking behavior. Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers that transmit signals and regulate countless functions and processes in our body from sleep to metabolism. Dopamine and Serotine play an important role in the functioning of the brain. When a person use the particular addictive substance, depending upon the substance level of dopamine and serotonin starts increasing and moderate their functioning that can lead to lots of nervous conditions like Parkinson’s disease, tremors, ADHD, restless leg syndrome and schizophrenia. FUNCTIONS OF DOPAMINE AND SEROTONIN DOPAMINE- Motivation, pleasure, euphoria, motor function, compulsion, perseveration, loss of interest SEROTONIN- Mood, memory, processing, sleep, cognation COMMON TYPES OF ADDICTIVE SUBSTANCES Alcohol, tranquilizers, solvents, barbiturates, cannabis, opium, heroine EFFECTS OF ADDICTIVE SUBSTANCES – It may be addictive or it may slow down the nervous system. Which makes people feel less anxious and more relaxed. It slows down the physical reactions and cause sleepiness or unconsciousness. A mixture of these can be dangerous because vital process like heart beat gets slows . STIMULANTS- It include amphetamines, tobacco, cocaine, caffeine EFFECTS – Speed up the body’s reaction. It makes people feel more alert and less tired. Caffeine is a common stimulants taken in higher doses, it causes nervous anxiety and paranoia (being convinced the world is against you) HALLUCINOGENS – Cannabis, LSD, magic, mushrooms EFFECTS- After how people experience what is going on around them under its influence .people may hear, see and think things that are not really happening. People experiences very, just as dreams may or may not be pleasant. PAIN KILLERS- Opium, heroine, medicines that contain codeine EFFECTS- It takes away pain as the name suggest, people stop reacting to physical pain or emotional worries, Heroin is common pain killer. DRUG ABUSE SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS CHANGES IN PHYSICAL APPEARANCE Red eyes and running nose. Frequent congestion and coughing. Pale face, circles under eyes Spots and sores around the mouth Lack of personal cleanliness. Messy appearance Smell of drugs on breath, clothes or body Needle marks of bruises on lower arm, legs or bottom of feet CHANGES IN SLEEPING AND EATING HABITS Difficulty falling asleep, Insomnia Significant weight loss or gain. Poor appetite and sudden appetite CHANGES IN BEHAVIOUR AND PERSONALITY Abrupt changes in mood Depression, I don’t care attitude Lack of responsibility For instance, not doing chores and work, forgetting family occasions. Blaming, lying, making excuses Loss of memory Shortened attention span Disordered thought patterns Withdrawal from family, isolation, secretiveness Easily angered when confronted about drug abuse CHANGES IN FRIENDS AND INTEREST New or different friends, especially ones who use drugs Friends really introduced or seldom come to the house. More time spent in room or away from home Secrecy about actions and possessions Hobbies, sports or extracellular activities are given up , as everything seems boring . RED FLAG BEHAVIOUR Steals, run away from home, violent behaviour, threatens or attempt suicides COPING UP WITH THE WARNING SIGNS There are range of strategies you may find helpful in dealing with such signs. They may involve stress management, techniques and distraction activities such as –reduce stress and stimulation, indulging in relaxing activities like exercising , playing sports , staying calm. Use self talk, use a diversion like a distraction, meditation, watch TV, talk to someone, massage therapy, initiate social contact and do a reality check of the situation. Note people advice. Try some suppressive techniques, wear and flick a rubber band on your wrist. Seek assistance, tell someone like a friend or to a doctor. Think positively Keep taking your medication Get more sleep Try to plan your day Follow the action plan SCOPE OF HOMEOPATHY IN DRUG DEPENDENT CASES Homeopathy is a unique science which is based on individualization which means, every person is different, his symptoms will be different, so well selected homeopathic remedy will be different for every individual. In case of emotional effects of different substance used like sedative, euphoric, memory loss, sensual perception, increased sexual desire or activity, lack of concentration, forgetfullness, confusion, anxiety and paranoia, curse and swear, empty feeling, absent minded, panic attack, depression, mania etc can be addressed by homeopathy differentiating on the type of drug patient is taking. What is the mental state of the person, what is the dosage of the drug patient is taking the physical symptoms that is different and unique need to be considered and very importantly what is life history, past experiences and the causation why patient got influenced to take such addictive substances. So I request people who need help and who really want from the core of their heart and soul that they want to get rid of the drugs they need to make very strong decision with themselves that they have to stop drugs rest WE ARE THERE TO HELP YOU. DR SAHIL GUPTA. BHMS,MD(AM),PG HOM.LONDO N,PGDACG,PGDEMS,PGCDD(D RUGDEADDICTION)NISD,NEW DELHI. Author is Homeopathic Addictionologist & Counsellor. Practicizing in Jammu. sahil.gupta123892@gmail.com


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