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Former Sarpanch, Shiromani Akali Dal, Gen Sec Ladies Wing, Gurmeet Kour

Q. What obstacles you faced as a woman in your journey to success? GK. Being a woman it was quite tough to work and maintain household at the same time. But my family is very much supportive towards me, my children and my husband helped me a lot in my journey towards success. When I worked as Sarpanch, I learned a lot, I gained new experiences and with the time I will learn how to keep balance between work and house. Q. How you fulfill the demand of your occupation? GK. If someone approached me for a particular work, then he/she definitely sees the ability in me towards that work. And it’s my responsibility to be true with my designation. I will fulfill that responsibility with enthusiasms, and passion. On ground we have to work instead of speaking. Women should raise their voice for their rights. Q. What kind of difficulties are faced by women? GK. In our society, women still have limitations. In our rural areas women are discriminated and dominated by men. They don’t have freedom like our towns. Their mind is also restricted due to their exploitation. They should be educated and it’s our responsibility to let them know their rights. They should make their children educated because if they don’t, the next generation will not capable to stand on their feet. Q. What problem you faced when you was elected as Sarpanch? GK. As our society is male dominated, but if you have confidence and passion then who is talking about what does not matters. I constructed restroom under the scheme “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”. I mainly focused on the problems of women. I campaign for using restroom instead of going outside. I also worked under the scheme ‘Ladli Beti’. Q. How women communicate with you for their problems? GK. After the information blast, everyone is so connected with social media. You only have to approach me on social media with your problem I will definitely help you out with that. Message: You should make your children educated, so that the next generation is capable to stand on their feet.


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