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The series “Shaheedo ko Naman, Empower the ‘Veer Naris’” has been started in an initiative by Young Bites not only to remember t he martyrs of the nation but to convey a social message to the society to take care of the families of the martyr, to empower the ‘Veer Naris’. It is the responsibility of the Society to give moral support to the ‘Veer Naris’ and their children.
* The martyr families who need any kind of help can contact Brig Harcharan Singh at 94192- 16663 or concerned Zila Sainik Office.
* Sainik Board is giving ‘Officer Level’ training to the children of martyr who want to join Army at ‘Officer Level’.
* MLA, Bureaucrats, Sarpanch should visit the martyr’s home to help them sort their problems.
Jammu, May 13 Lanc Naik Parveen Singh attained martyrdom in Doda during militant flush out Operation in the year 2003, while bravely killing two militants before being hit by bullet by the third ,militant. YoungBites correspondent got an opportunity to interact with the wife of martyr to know about the early life and how life changes post martyrdom. ‘Veer Nari’ recalls that she got married to Parveen Singh when she was 21 years old and she was very happy of being married to a fauji. After marriage her husband got posted in Hyderabad. Parven Singh wrote letters to his wife, but unfortunately due to bad relationship with her mother in law, most of the letters were not shown to her. On the night before encounter, she got a bad dream that her husband was trapped in a storm, but the dream became reality when the next day, Parvenn Singh got martyred in Doda. It was a tough time. Daughter was just 1.5 years old and son was still in the womb. She never thought her son could see the world, because she was not getting support of her in laws. Veer Nari expresses gratitude to the govt, that she got a job under SRO 43 and was able to take care of her kids. Her son wants to join Army and wants to serve the nation. Many times the wife of martyr is not much educated, as a result, she is not able to guide her kids. It is the moral responsibility of the society to visit he family of martyr and help them in sorting out their problems. At the end a small request to the society: “Many times, the wife of martyr is not very educated, hence she is not able to guide her children as a result the children are not able to get higher ranks in the Army, it is the duty of citizens to visit their families and help them in solving their problems. Tell the ‘Veer Naris’, Veer Mata’ that we are always with them. Help their children in career counseling. Give them respect. Bow heads whenever we meet them. Never forget that the supreme sacrifice was made for us”.


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