Overloading goes unabated in Bhaderwah

Young Bites. Dated: 4/16/2019 9:06:22 AM

KAMRAN KHAN Bhaderwah, Apr 15 Overloading of buses, Matadors or any other vehicles has become daily routine in most parts of the state particularly in Bhaderwah area where traffic police is either not manned or remain apathetic towards their duties. Ironically, the driver or owners of most of these vehicles ignore this very vital rule for their short term gains but pay heavy price when met with road mishap, causing immense loss of lives. Now, a question arises as to why traffic police personnel ignore overloading and do not enforce traffic rules strictly on these hilly routes of Bhaderwah area? It is learnt that drivers flouting rules often grease the palms of traffic police manning various Chowks and Nakas, which is both morally and legally wrong. Driver of the overloaded vehicles at times losses control on the vehicle particularly in hilly areas, resulting into fatal accidents. They generally take advantage where very few traffic police personnel are deployed or not deployed particularly in hilly or remote areas of Bhaderwah . Every year hundreds of innocent lives are lost in road accident and the main cause of these accidents is overloading of vehicles. It is important mention here that traffic rules are framed to ensure safety and security of vehicles and other general public but not to harass the common man. On one side government celebrates ‘Road Safety Weeks’ and make people aware about safe driving and on the other hand the lives of people remain in danger as there is routine overloading in every bus, Sumo and matadors plying on Bhadarwah-Chinta Road,Bhaderwah Sartingle road despite police posts at many places on these routes. The people alleged that there is no traffic cop on duty on these routes and police are also hand in glove with the violators as the drivers/owners are violating the rules under the nose of police at many places which are giving open invitation to tragic accidents. ”Who are going to bother about the lives of people as the protectors are acting as destructors because no one tries to control on the overloading which became main reason behind many road accidents in whole Chenab valley. Neither government nor administration has taken any action against violators which clearly shows their careless attitude for the people of the area. It is important to mention that there are nos of vehicles which are plying on different routes without having a single document is a trend here in Bhaderwah said a local. In order to avoid overloading, both traffic police and general public have to consider their duties. Both should realize need to put an end to the overloading and overburdening of the vehicles. Every life is precious. The need is to put an end to the menace overloading and see that precious lives are saved .


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