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Woman herself is responsible for her empowerment: Dr Farah Anjum

ER ABHA GUPTA Jammu, Apr 8 By education she is MBBS Doctor, but her inclination towards civil services motivated her to clear Administrative services of state. Yes, she is Dr Farah Anjum, J&K Employees Provident Fund, Chief Account Officer. Q: What difficulties and challenges did you face to reach the position where you are in today? FA: Firstly I thank your medium for always promoting empowered women. I thank God and my parents. In our family my parents taught us to be equally empowered as our brother. My mother always believed that her daughters should be educated, should be in a good job and should know driving. Woman herself is responsible for her empowerment. If you teach your daughter to make a cup of tea, it’s your responsibility to teach your son to make a cup of tea. Unconditional support from my husband and in laws was a motivation factor which enabled me to clear the Administrative services. Q: How do you handle work pressure? FA: With great power comes great responsibilities. It is up to you that how you utilize the resources available with you. I have to deal with heavy work loads and to handle it, sometimes I have to be harh with staff, sometimes I have to inspire them to work hard. With experience it becomes easy to handle the work pressure. Q: How do you balance your professional and your family life? FA: I don't go with the flow, I am a planned person. Planning is very important especially for working woman. Society won't understand that you are a working woman so you can spare any social event. One has to prepare in advance. Q: What is the Mantra for success? FA: First and foremost is passion. Not by copying someone,
it should be your own passion and the hard work to
achieve what you want. There is no shortcut to success.
Message for women: LISTEN TO YOUR HEART. TAKE


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